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  • Understanding NIFTY 50 for Intraday Trading

  • Identifying correlation

  • Technical Call

  • Risk Management

  • Trading on Support Level based Trading Strategy

  • Trading on Resistance Level based Trading Strategy

  • How to do Stock Selection for Intraday

  • How to maximize Profit

  • Whether to average or not

  • Extremities on a chart

  • Managing Stop losses by understanding sentiment of Buyers and Sellers

  • Creating Swing, Positional, Delivery trades using Levels

Trend Analysis
  • How to draw uptrend

  • How to draw downtrend

  • How to draw sideways trend (500-600 lines per trend)

  • Time based classification of trend

  • Complete study development involving levels depth and trends

Technical Analysis
  • Candlesticks

  • Reversal Patterns

  • Continuation Patterns

  • Indicators

  • Oscillators

  • Using Technical Analysis for Swing, Positional and Delivery Trades

  • Special Applications for Intraday Trades

  • Understanding Basic of Options and other definitions

  • Option Chain Analysis

  • Option Greeks

  • Option Buying Strategy

  • Option Writing Strategy

  • Hedging