About Us

An IITian venture in the field of stock market training in India. We provide structured training for all market segments, like Equity, Commodities, Currency & Derivatives.

Over the years of operation, we have developed a 3 layered training structure with an emphasis on customised training for every individual, as every individual is unique.

We believe trading is similar to driving and swimming, which can only be learned by experience and not by watching videos or reading books.

Our Mission

We want to dispel common misconceptions about the stock market among the general public, such as that the "stock market is a gamble" versus the "stock market is a calculated risk".

We are working towards empowering every Retail Trader to understand the markets in detail through practical Training and, henceforth, removing dependencies while making decisions before Trading or Investing

Our Vision

We want to develop a deep tech-based TRAINING solution that retains our proprietary three-layered training structure at scale so that every stock market enthusiast can first understand and practice risk management and then approach the market in a systematic way.

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Our Timeline

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Established in 2016 and pioneered live market trading in India.


All of the courses were established in 2018, and the training structure was modified.

Online Sessions

In 2019, we launched live online interactive sessions.

Added Brokers

Established partnerships with 5+ prominent brokers in addition to instructional webinars in 2023

Learning experience

In 2021, created a free online learning course


In 2022, redesign the online learning course based on consumer feedback.