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Joining TAKING FORWARD was life-changing decision of my life. Energy and passion of the TAKING FORWARD team is just great.

By: Brijen Prithviraj Dixit

As being a student here in Taking Forward Training Centre, I have learned so many important things about trading and stock marketing. I have found that they are providing us great opportunity to enhance our knowledge and various terminology in this particular field. I would like to thank all the faculties member here.

By: Sushil Bhatt

This is the best Institute to learn Equity Marketing ,I have learned many important techniques here in this institute. Now I am able to create great revenue from my learning that i had gain here in this institute. This Institute provides Knowledge from the root of equity marketing which help us to level up our stands in share market. Also I appreciate the work of this institute that they are providing online training and specially the traders club.


Taking Forward is Right place to learn about the How to trade Equity , Basically this plat farm is provide guidance How to Manage our risk in financial Market if we learn t the proper Risk Management , Profit will automatically Generate.As far as Concern about the Faculty has good Experience in Equity Market.

By: Ved Prakash Sao

Best place to learn how to trade in capital markets. The faculty is very good and clears all your doubts so you don't face any problems tells you the facts about the market. The course is vey helpful for traders who want to earn money in intraday.

By: Ashutosh Bhirud

Good course for beginners to get introduce to stock market. Concept are taught patiently and clearly help novices to understand basics easily.

By: Maheshwar Chauhan

First course is really good to have the knowledge about the stock market, demonstration of course is very clear and easy to understand. The tools and techniques are learned by this course is good for intraday but still you must know the other tools. Without that we are not able to make profit in multiple stocks. Overall course is satisfactory for intraday, because without knowing the knoledge of course we can't proceed further in stock trading.

By: Kuldeep Sunhare

Taking forward uses very simple and effective method of teaching "Stock Market Basics". It gave me confidence and good experience. It was a great learning which will definitely help me to work in stock market. The core strategy is perfect and and the instructions are extremely good with a very helpful attitude and deep knowledge of the subject matter.


Taking forward uses very simple and effective method of teaching stock market basics. It clears all myths, emotional hindrances like fear and greed by using logical ways to trade in market. It is highly beneficial to everyone who wish to enter in stock market.

By: Laxmi Narayan Shrivas

GREAT course!!! all staff members are very friendly. the teaching is of high standard and explained very simply and well. enough attention is given to a individual and all doubts are cleared with well explanation . members are supportive, giving excellent guidance in trading strategies .

By: Eric Lakra

great teaching by sir...easy way of teaching ......i learned so easily and after completing first course ,i am easily generating good money. and gaining profit ...i am so thankful to sir,,,,,,

By: Harpal Singh Armo

Well structured training program for the stock market. It gave me confidence and good experience to trade in market. It was a great learning which will definitely help me to work in stock market. I found this course a must for all beginner as well as investors trading on others advice. Sincere team efforts will take the taking forward to a new height.

By: Nitin Mune

I had around 3 yrs of experience prior to joining introductory course at taking forward, but during the course it felt like I knew nothing before. I have learned a lot and it reflects in my trading strategies now my profit margin have increased substantially and I am regularly making profit.

By: Anoop Shrivastava

It was a very satisfying learning experience in a perfect environment. The core strategy is perfect and the instructors are extremely good with a very helpful attitude and a deep knowledge of the subject matter. I have gained a lot from the Academy.

By: Sourabh Shrivastava

It’s really overwhelming, the way teachers puts efforts to give you the Complete knowledge and understanding which makes it a superb experience. I am really benefited through all these.I have made profit after the course. I can undoubtedly say that this Course gives a lot of information.It's top-notch course and personal guidance with highly qualified professionals to give the training.

By: Prateek Tiwari