About Us


We are India's leading startup in the field of Financial Education, working to standardize STOCK MARKET TRAINING by providing structured Training for every aspect of Stock Market ie. Training for Intraday, Delivery, Fundamentals, Commodities and Currencies that too in the Live Markets . Even in the Digital space we focus mainly on content delivery by leveraging Technology driven Training systems followed by continuous mentoring sessions to deliver excellent results. We also encourage you to find new ways and methods to suit your own style of trading.


We want to remove the common myth among the general population about stock markets being a gamble to stock market being a calculated risk. We are working towards empowering every Retail Trader to understand the markets in detail by practical Training and henceforth removing the dependencies arising while making decisions before Investing/Trading. We further aim to make all Retail Traders Independant in developing their Trading strategies with proper use of Technology.


We believe trading is similar to driving or swimming, it is an experience which cannot be learned by watching video contents and reading books. We want to ensure that every retail Trader/Investor must have proper knowledge and real time trading experience. We are working towards bridging the gap between offline and online training by developing a technology driven system to impart highest quality learning outcomes.